Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm thankful for a dark kitchen and a Tupperware full of real whip cream that isn't flat and watery yet.

I'm thankful for loads of salt. Especially finishing salt, introduced to me and supplied to me in addictive volumes by a dear friend.

I'm thankful for light, sweet wine. Both white and red.

I'm thankful for holidays with cousins. All the fun, no baggage.

I'm thankful for a gaming system. It makes everyone happy, especially my husband.

I'm thankful for chocolate turkeys on a stick. They were gone in a flash. I think Dee inhaled hers.

I'm thankful for the Duplo hitch and wagon set for T to drive around the coffee table about 60 bajillion times.

I'm thankful for cranberries with cardamom spice. It makes everyone feel a little more Swedish-American.

I'm thankful for remembering the rice this time. Ten years and my husband finally feels at home.

I'm thankful for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Wow. Three hours of babysitting.

I'm thankful for a day of blissful cooking while dear hub cleaned up after me.

I'm thankful for my hazelnut and persimmon salad. Validation for a year of just about vegetarianism. Also, there was finishing salt.

Of course, I'm thankful for my three little babies, sleeping now after a day full of lots of attention from loving people, sweets and not-so-age-appropriate 4 wheeler video games riddled with headers and crayons. Especially when it was Mama's turn.

Also, did I mention the finishing salt?

Happy Thanksgiving Day, dearhearts.

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