Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And I laughed when I saw them, in spite of myself.

I feel the need to get these sugarplums nailed down before they are reduced to faded visions in my wee little head:

Dee thought the right jolly old elf that came to visit our Christmas Eve celebrations was "just pretend" because his voice "sounded a lot like Uncle Forrest's." Also, she was a little suspect because the Uncle Forrest Santa gave her a Fisher Price camera instead of the princess doll she had requested. She was certain it would arrive in her stocking, like all gifts from Santa. I did my best to boost her materialistic expectations for years to come by explaining that sometimes, Santa brings presents at random parties, under the tree and he also leaves a stash in your stocking. I'm sure a lifetime of disappointment and putting on a game face for her mother's benefit will begin holiday season 2010.

T received his beloved hard plastic dinosaur family under the tree. Since then, the Dinos have joined T for long winter’s naps in his crib. When he woke up with a croup like cough on Christmas night, we spent some time breathing in the bathroom while the shower pumped up the steam volume. When we returned to his crib, T, in a barky whisper, immediately inquired about the whereabouts of his dinosaurs.  Then T lined them all up by his pillow before declaring that he was "all bettr."  Translation:  A Happy Christmas to all, then, and to all a good-night.

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Amy said...

that is too cute that he sleeps w/ his toys. reminds me of the Christmas story where the brother is sleeping with the zepplin (sp)