Saturday, March 5, 2011

What happened to the cake walk?

Remember that one time when you thought this really should be a foodie blog because of all the dang baking references?  Well, here's another one.  I'm sorry...sort of.  I dream in sugar and often wake up from a horrid nightmare where I'm covered from head to toe in dripping batter that is too heavy for some reason.  And rather than wonder how I'll crawl my way out of the mixing bowl, I ponder, was it the sour cream?  Or too much butter? 

So...without further ado, here's the latest:

An outside of the box, 100% scratch, German Chocolate birthday cake.  Nice taste, but no great shakes in the looks department, right?  Sadly, there was also a backside:

Frumpy, leaky little thing, isn't it?  The lesson here (an oldie):   insist on photographs from your best side.  Also, a profile shot helps, especially if you're wearing a top with horizontal stripes.  I'm also finding that low light works wonders for those unmentionable creases. 

That is all.  Carry on, dear mommy bloggers.


Andrea said...

Looks perfect to me. Yum!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Looking good don't fill my belly.

That's an adapted quotation from a family friend that once remarked, "atmosphere don't fill my tummy" when discussing fancy restaurants.

I think that cake looks good enough to eat. That's all that matters!