Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buzz kill

For three days I've listened to the buzz of snow blowers plowing through the first snow to create tidy pathways from garages to houses and back.  Chris has even come to rely on the goodwill of our nearly retired neighbor to take care of our front walk.  He rationalizes the hours of shoveling freedom this way, "men with snow blowers," he says, "they love doing it.  Snow blowing a sidewalk [and a path from our front door to our back gate, plus a space near the street for Costco unloading] only takes seconds for them.  It's empowering, trust me."  This, from the go-to man I hitched my wagon to.

The city took a day off from snow clearing on Thanksgiving and it showed.  Getting over the berms in the alleyway to the road made returning a Red Box movie an adventure sport.   And *sigh* it's only November.  I can handle this winter wonderland until about December Twenty-Sixth.  But who's counting.

On the upside, my mini Asian me's have come over to the dark side, or dork side, depending on how you look at it.  Surprisingly, they had a little help from their always seeking validation, mother.  My girls, Dee and Nar, are now sporting the latest marked down Old Navy (sorta) wooly sweaters.  Hurry and hop like little bunnies to find these gems.  Cyber Monday is fast approaching!  But beware, the world might possibly run out of wool, because we at dearheart, inc. love it so much.  Except for Hub, who thinks it's itchy and unappealing.

Here we all are, all nice and cozy.  I'm not itchy, who's itchy?  Anyone says they're itchy gets a time out.

And one parting, "the-Thanksgiving-it-snowed-shot": 

The Old Timers tell me it never snows this early in the season.  And by "Old Timers," I mean my cousins who have been here longer than me.  Last week, we also experienced record setting way-below-freezing lows.  Old Timers said that was an anomaly.  After two years of serious snow dumpage and then a freaky snow-less winter last year (still more anomalies), I'm not listening to anyone but Santa when it comes to all things that can influence my behavior, like the weather.


jeanette said...

Okay, your cutie matching sweaters are AWESOME. woolen or no. And? I'm really sorry the snow came so early this year. I was thinking of you when E showed me a photo C had sent him.

I'm thinking y'all need to invest in your own snowblower. Looks like home sweet home is a snowy place.

Amy said...

Chris is right about men and their snowblowers.

Life As I Know It said...

wow - that's a lot of snow for so early in the winter!
We invested in a snow blower a few years ago and it was the best decision ever.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

You keep that snow until Dec. 24th and then send me just a nice dusting.

Thanks in advance for your control of the weather!

My husband just bought a snow blower this year. Somehow I don't think he'll find it empowering to blow the snow for the whole neighborhood!

HalalaMama said...

Snow. Sigh. You are right, it's only good til the day after Christmas. After that it can go on its merry way...forever.

Dapoppins said...

Okay, you have a really cute family.

We get snow where I live. A solid non-melting 2 inches shuts the entire city down. Cars parked in the middle of the street, people trapped in odd places, school canceled, totally shut down.

Stop laughing, it's true.