Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Staking a claim

Dude, can you believe I've only been trying to do this blog thing (again) for two months???!!!

This stuff is work.  At a minimum, it requires a daily pounding from the boulder of discipline.  As if I didn't already have serious respect for you work-a-day bloggers out there, my two months of trying that seems half-assed to the rest of the world, has sealed the deal.

You're better than me.  I will forever endeavor to seek shade in your shadow.  You know, for that brief moment, when you stop along the trail to down a granola bar and unzip your awesome fitting Athleta hoodie before bagging that next Fourteener (otherwise known as a month of consistent posting).

I'll be the one gasping for oxygen, crawling up crags and pesky ravines with only a single disposable water bottle for sustenance.  I promise, I won't dump it in the woods.  But I will need to go back for more provisions.

Like Mint Milanos.  Scratch that, my Weight Watchers leader would likely advice that ten measly almonds would be a better energy-for-points choice, especially when one expects an elevated heart rate.

My Hub tells me I should try to post at least three times a week if I really want to make connections with people.  Yikers!  That man is always full of reasonable ideas that I have to acknowledge to keep our marriage alive (except when he leans on elderly snow blowers).

The Pioneer Woman advises that we write - at least a paragraph - EVERY DAY!  I don't think she expected her audience to actually post the paragraphs of drivel, but here I am, DOING IT, like a blithering idiot. 

I'm sorry, my heart rate must be elevated.  Let me stop a minute and I'll catch ya after you successfully complete a NaBloPoMo.  But before I end this post, please know that I think your hoodie will look fab waving like a flag at the top of the mountain peak, or even half way up, hell, even back at the lodge enjoying a spiked hot cocoa with me.  That hill is yours, baby!  Congrats!

I'll take the next one, just as soon as I switch from Mint Milanos to almonds.


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I would pull you up the mountain with me if only I had the energy. Can I eat some of those almonds?

jeanette said...

dude, you can totally do this. also, while i am not going to climb a 14er because those suckers are hard on the knees and the lack of oxygen kind of takes the fun out of it for me? i WILL totally be wearing THIS hoodie:

jen said...

this made me laugh ...
thanks for the comment the other day ... so nice to meet you.

Andrea said...

Oh, for pete's sake! It's just something to do for fun! If you're not having fun and feeling stressed, then what's the point? Post when you feel moved to post, otherwise, go do something else you'd rather be doing. (This advise from the one who after 3 years of blogging has finally managed to top double-digit comments...only by giving away something...maybe you shouldn't listen to me.)

dearheart said...

Joey - You have the energy for the both of us, almonds or no!

J - You're so good to me. Plus, that hoodie is fab. I especially love the strategically placed pockets in front.

Jen - Thanks so much for stopping by. Can't wait to view more of your pics!

Andrea - You're right. It's a constant problem, this whole getting over myself bit. Also, I really do like blogging. Really. I also like making hobbies stressful. (:

Allyson said...

Amen. I haven't blogged for two months. Lots of ideas, just no discipline. I'll order the cocoas and start the fire while everyone else is out climbing.