Wednesday, January 13, 2010

20 minutes a day.

Signs you really should screen your child's reading material:

Questions from 3 year old while listening to the story range from "why is the monkey in the snake's head?" to "why is the man holding a leash next to the red alligator?  Where is the dog?"

This, from "Natures Monsters:  Lizards and Endangered Reptiles," a present to my son and a book I really should have cracked before placing on my children's bookshelf for their unsuspecting babysitter to find.

Picture, if you will, my favorite teaching moment, in three acts:

THE STAGE:  A man relaxes in his lounger watching T.V. while his pet iguana sits uncaged on an overhead shelf in the entertainment center.  A decorative plant completes the scene.  A Mutual of Omaha voiceover describes the action:

ACT I:  For the iguana, this room is his territory, and his owner looks like a rival.

ACT II:  The green iguana moves his head up and down as a warning, but the owner does not notice.

ACT III:  The iguana becomes angry and attacks his owner, who tries to protect himself.  The iguana gives him several painful bites and scratches. 

Ouch.  And there's blood to show it was painful.  My babysitter was traumatized.  Dee wants to see some more.  Ouch again.


mom2three said...

oh my...too funny! I bought a book about the body for my daughter when she was 4...I should have really looked at first because all I got were questions about how the baby got in this tummy of the mother...I wasn't ready to answer those kind of questions yet!

~Laura said...

So funny!! That is hilarious. Poor unsuspecting babysitter.

Anna See said...

hee hee! i have definitely regretted NOT being a better book screener for my kids.

Babe in Babeland said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for making me smile...I needed that today. :-)

Ruth Branson said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! Your poor babysitter...she may not come back!